The Association proposes the sterilization of domestic animals as part of the responsibility of the owner.

The Association opposes the breeding of animals with the aim of producing changes in their functions that, evidently, mean the deterioration of their health and quality of life.

In the same way it also opposes the breeding of animals commercially.

The Association is convinced that the moral and financial responsibility, as well as the health, of abandoned animals, is part of the government’s responsibility and should include budgetary items for the identification and sterilization of animals. They should also collaborate economically with the shelters that require it, not only in terms of health, but also as a matter of social conscience.

We oppose

The Association opposes mutilation for aesthetic purposes:

  • Docking the tal
  • Debarking
  • Cutting the ears
  • Declawing cats.
The Association is against euthanasia, except
  • Terminally ill animals
  • Animals with extreme agressive behaviour against people or other animals
The Association is against

 the laboratories that use animals for their experiments.

The Association is also opposed to dog-fighting, bullfights and any festive spectacles which take place in so many different towns and cities and which imply suffering, humiliation, mutilation or death of an animal.

From this Association we will always strive to achieve the necessary improvements in the treatment of animals and the responsibility of owning one.

In our Shelter

All our animals will be sterilized, vaccinated and identified.

All our animals will be treated individually so that they feel comforted during their stay in the shelter.

They will be well fed and under veterinary control to guarantee good physical and emotional health.

We will not be selective

We will not be selective and all animals will be treated equally with the same rights.

No preferences will be given to puppies, breeds, etc.

All animals deserve the same treatment as each one is a living being and we will do everything possible for them to live with dignity.


When speaking of the philosophy of an animal shelter, we refer to the way in which the animals are treated in the shelter. Not all shelters will have the same philosophy.

APAN has very clear ideas and we would never put an animal down due to lack of space, because they are difficult to adopt, because they are old or for any other reason, unless the animal was suffering.

The Association is against the possession of pets by those who do not have the time, motivation, space, economy or sufficient responsibility to maintain and love the animal during a very long period of time, obviously as long as it lives.

The Association opposes any degree of confinement that may cause anguish or suffering.

The owner must have insurance, permanent identification of the animal (chip) and an adequate vaccination program. The Association advocates acquiring the animal from a shelter, rehoming association or directly from the place where it was born. We also insist that exotic animals should never be purchased as pets and that, in view of the large number of abandoned dogs and cats, animals should not be bought in stores, animal supermarkets or itinerant markets and stores.