Why become a member?

Want to be a sponsor or member of Apan? The fee is decided by you. With your money we will continue fighting to help the animals and operate the shelter.
Call 699410047, whatsapp or send an e-mail. Note however, that being a member or sponsor does not mean that we will take in all the animals you may find. If  this were the case, we would have to close the shelter.
We would like to collect every one of the animals that are on the street, but unfortunately we do not have the capacity. Nor can write personalized letters to members and sponsors. We do not have enough staff and we think that the money should be allocated to the animal and not the bureaucracy. You can follow the daily life of  APAN via Facebook.
Thanks to the members, the shelter has a financial support that helps us to succeed. As we explained in the section on donations, the fact of becoming a member, symbolizes a bond of loyalty with all the animals in the shelter.
Becoming a member is very simple, you simply have to indicate the amount you wish to contribute during the year (either monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly) and a number of current account.
Have you ever realized that sometimes we buy things we do not need or spend money on going out to dinner? This amount will help to improve the future of many animals that have been abused and abandoned.
Become a member. It is worth it !!! Come and see the shelter for yourself and see the great project that is becoming a reality day by day, thanks to the help of people like you!

Some of us are destined to live a long time in APAN

Some of us are ill, some of us are elderly, there are others that some people say are dangerous breeds, (but we have a heart of gold), there are some who are not very handsome … but is that enough reason not to have a second chance in life?
Apan is not a forever home for animals. The purpose of the shelter is to find every one a good family to start over and forget the terrible past that they have had to endure. While we live in the shelter, our caretakers will do everything possible to ensure that we are well. They know that some of us will be there for a long time and  this is somethong that worries them a lot. However, they never give up hope of finding a home for us, even if it takes years. Meanwhile they need money to pay for our food, medicines, the veterinarian if we get ill, etc., etc. (The monthly cost of a dog comes out at about 70 Euros).
Ask Dolors or Nuria and they will tell you which one of us is he most needy.
It is IMPORTANT that in the contact form, in the field “information”, you specify:
• The name of the animal
• The monthly amount (minimum 8 Euros)
• The details of your bank account
For everything you want to know about your sponsored animal, please contact us through the contact form you will find here on the website.

The sponsor can remain anonymous or, if you wish, we will put your name below the description of the animal. You should take into account that an animal may have several sponsors.

We are very grateful fo any support.
Signed: All the inhabitants of Apan


Thanks to people like you  we can give a decent future to the abandoned and abused animals