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APAN is the Animal Protection Association of Anoia. A non-governmental organization that was created to combat neglect and mistreatment of animals. With few economic resources and largely funded by donations from members, sponsors and sporadic grants.

Our work does not end with collecting animals, curing their physical and psychological wounds and finding them a home. Our work goes far beyond. Doing the possible and the impossible to find the “person”, if you can call it that, who has abandoned or hurt the animal.

We fight against circuses bearing animals, bullfights and similar “festivities”, fur coats, zoos, people who leave their animals enclosed on balconies, bound in chains … we let all these people know that we are on the lookout and we will do everything we can not to let them get away with it.

Board of APAN
  • Aid for food
  • Aid for veterinary services
  • Helps supplies
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Adopt a pet

Do you want to adopt one of our animals? Call 699410047, whatsapp or send an e-mail. We will give you a time to come to the shelter together and pick the new family member. Sometimes, the first dog we choose is not the best for the family or the family is not the most appropriate for the dog. Our dogs are not given in adoption as guard dogs or to live on balconies or to hunt … they are given in adoption to be a member of your family.

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There are animals that need more attention than others because they are sick or old or need to be given a bottle. We look for people who are able to foster an animal for a period of time, sometimes quite long, either because we have an emergency in the shelter or until we find a permanent home. If you want to foster an animal, please call 699410047, whatsapp or send an e-mail.



Want to be an APAN sponsor or member? The fee is decided by you. With your money we will continue fighting to help the animals and operate the shelter. Call 699410047, whatsapp or send an e-mail. Be aware that being a member or sponsor does not mean that we take all the animals you may find. If this were the case, we would soon have to close the shelter. We would love to collect every single one of the animals that are on the street, but unfortunately we do not have the capacity.
Nor can we write personalized letters to members and sponsors. We do not have enough staff and we think that the money should be allocated to the animals and not the bureaucracy. You can follow the daily life of APAN via Facebook.
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What is Teaming?

Teaming is a charitable initiative that was created in 1998 to help different groups • collective needs through micro-donations of 1 EURO.

All Teamers give one EURO a month allocating it to the cause you choose, in this case APAN.

The EURO goes directly into the bank account of the shelter without any extra fee.

You can see more information on the Teaming website:

All those who want to help abandoned animals in our shelter, you can do it right now! 🙂

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